Gain the Competitive Edge


Every team needs every legal competitive advantage it can use.  The teams that keep their player personnel coolest in the heat will have a definate advantage over their opponents in mental sharpness and endurance.


Our equipment uses GelCool™ insert packs.  These are dry cooling packs, not evaporative like traditional cooling solutions.  These cool packs keep your athletes significantly cooler in the most challenging high temperature environments.  Our gel packs significantly lower the risk of heat stroke and heat related illnesses.  Even the mildest forms of heat stroke can cause weakness, dizziness, and lack of concentration.  In high temperature environments GelPacks are worn from the beginning of the exposure to heat.  The gel packs fit in the upper helmet, allowing quick changeout of the packs.  They are specifically designed to fit the helmet shape and are self-sizing.  We use a shielding system that graduates cooling over a long period of time, avoiding potential discomfort from too much immediate cooling and providing a more uniform, lasting cool temperature. Our cool packs provide immediate, on-demand, long-duration, dry cooling.  GelCool™ packs can be re-cooled overnight in your freezer.



To Purchase


To purchase one pair of packs (for one player) click here. Or visit our online store to view complete systems (for an entire team).



Help Avoid Heat Stress Illness and Heat Stroke


Over 20% of heat stroke victims die regardless of health or age.   In some cases, the side effects of heat stroke are heat sensitivity and varying degrees of brain and kidney damage.  The symptoms are confusion, irrational behavior, convulsions, coma, and in the worst case, death.


GelCool Systems help maintain a lower brain blood temperature that significantly enhances safety and performance.




Several key factors differentiate GelCool Systems products from any other offerings.  First, our products are manufactured to professional specifications and tolerances, allowing their use by professionals, who require predictable and dependable service.  Second, quality and material controls are very high, which provides the level of quality required by professional trainers.  Third, GelCool Systems products are sealed units that release a negligible amount of water (condensation) onto the player.  Finally, our products are specifically designed for use in helmets.  GelCool gel packs deliver the most cooling available in a 7 ounce package: the most cooling per pound of equipment to deal with football practice heat in summer football practice and in early games.


For more information about the design of our gel packs please visit our Technical Overview page. All products have limitations. GelCool System's products are no different.  Please completely read our disclaimer before buying (read disclaimer).